Missing bookmarks in Erlang book (pdf-version)

Daniel Dudley <>
Thu Jan 2 20:09:45 CET 2003

Matthias Lang writes:

> Daniel Dudley writes:
>  > While on the subject of this book, I'm wondering whether
>  > anyone is working on a new version, 
> Not to my knowledge. Joe was thinking about a new book a year
> or two ago, AFAIK an overwhelming lack of interest from
> O'Reilly killed it.
> Maurice Castro seems to have revised his book last year:
>   http://www.serc.rmit.edu.au/~maurice/erlbk/
> There was also talk of a "collaborative, on-line book" at one
> stage.

Yes, such an online book is what I am suggesting. IMO, this
should be primarily a PDF document, which is suitable for
both online viewing and printing. It is easier to "get the
big picture" with printed documentation, while online
viewing may be preferable for quick reference purposes. (It
is both stressful and potentially damaging to one's eyesight
to read pages upon pages online.)

If there's anyone in the Erlang community who would like to
collaborate on new, updated documentation, please let me
know (possibly but not necessarily via this mailing list).

How would Erlang feel about releasing the copyright on
their documentation? This would include "Concurrent
Programming In Erlang" -- there's too much well-written
stuff there to let it go to waste!


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