Missing bookmarks in Erlang book (pdf-version)

Mike Williams <>
Tue Jan 7 14:48:09 CET 2003

In article <00d601c2b292$83621dd0$>,
  (Daniel Dudley) writes:
|> How would Erlang feel about releasing the copyright on
|> their documentation? This would include "Concurrent
|> Programming In Erlang" -- there's too much well-written
|> stuff there to let it go to waste!

As the docemnation is Open Source, it is distributed under the same 
Open Source license as the software.

The copyright of "Concurrent Programming In Erlang" is owned by the 
publisher, origionally Prentice Hall, but now taken over by another 
company. As long as they are still sellimg the book, I can't see why
they would be prepared to release the copyright.


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