Missing bookmarks in Erlang book (pdf-version)

Kent Boortz <>
Thu Jan 2 21:34:27 CET 2003

Marc Ernst Eddy van Woerkom <> writes:
> Regarding adding bookmarks:
> The PDF file of the first part tells that it was created with dvipsk,
> thus the text was created with LaTeX or TeX originally.
> Adding the PDF bookmarks would be possible for example by running
> the sources through PDFLaTeX or PDFTeX, with not too much
> adaptions.

Depends what you mean by "not to much adaptions" ;-) I have tried
several ways of converting the LaTeX sources to PDF and there is
always something that doesn't work correctly.

I think I'm responsible for the mess with the PDF versions of the
book. I converted the PostScript file that was distributed earlier to
PDF to make it more easy to use for those that want to read and print
the document on Microsoft and Apple operating systems. The original is
LaTeX following an old standard. At least at that time the bitmap
fonts used did not display well in AcrobatReader so I somehow (lost my
notes) regenerated the PDF document from LaTeX using vector PostScript
fonts. It may be in this process the references got lost.

The truth is I haven't found someone that know TeX, LaTeX, PostScript,
PDF, vector fonts with TeX, image inclusion, different LaTeX style
packages, the HyperRef package, the best way to convert LaTeX to PDF,
what to change from "old" LaTeX to the new standard etc that can help
me out. I have never written a document in TeX or LaTeX and for me
doing the conversion is a trial and error process. If I get some parts
right others fail. For example I just made a new try using "pdflatex"
and after converting all the included images to PDF, changing the use
of \epsffile to \includegraphics, changed some other package
inclusions (I really don't know what I'm doing) I manage to get the
references back but some images get cut of with a few pixels. I also
get lots of warnings while running pdflatex.

I had hyperlinks working in one version but now they are gone and I
don't know why. But the hyperlinks looked ugly in AcrobatReader so
maybe hyperlinks shouldn't be in the PDF book anyway, I don't know how
useful clickable hyperlinks are for the readers of the PDF book.

I don't think we can release the LaTeX source of the book for legal
reasons but if someone on this list is an expert on this and can help
out I think we can arrange a way for you to get the LaTeX source to
correct the LaTeX code and find the best way to generate PDF from it
using an Unix distribution of LaTeX like TeTeX. We have Acrobat
distiller so generating PostScript that contains vector fonts and
optionally pdfmarks is also ok,


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