Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Mon Feb 10 17:41:39 CET 2003

--- "Joakim G." <jocke@REDACTED> wrote:
> micke wrote:
> > With no Erlang jobs (visibly?) available - how/why
> should this list grow?
> or rather:
> With a small(*) Erlang User base - how/why should
> the number of Erlang jobs grow?

They both will grow by mutual iteration ... 

Since I recently read a book on object-oriented
programming for managers (the babes in the woods who
have to make the decision on what to use), I've begun
to think we should try to make the corresponding case
for using Erlang more clearly.

Also, to spread Erlang outside our eminent but close
circle, I think a solid tutorial introduction to
Erlang/OTP is needed. That is, help for people in
getting access to all the good stuff without having to
sweat it. ("Erlang/OTP in a nutshell", etc.)

(Maybe adding "WingsScript plugins" + a nice tutorial
on how to write such plugins would be the most
efficient method to get a horde of crazed Erlang
weasels, though. Or is it already there?)

Erlang should be a viable option for commercial
software development. We _know_ it already is, yet
somehow it's not even on the list of options when
(most) projects begin. Change that.


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