Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Mon Feb 10 15:13:12 CET 2003

> With no Erlang jobs (visibly?) available - how/why
> should this list grow?

 I for one, will probably never get the opportunity to
work with Erlang outside of personal projects on my
own time. I think this is quite common for allot of
open source developers. That being said I *do* like to
use erlang for those personal projects, and will
continue to do so. In any case, languages with a wide
non-commercial user base tend to be accepted into the
commercial world more easily. Not that Erlang is
non-commerical its just that currently its commercial
niche is small.

Take Python for example it was a more or less
non-commerical language for a *very* long time and now
over the last few years it is being used more and more
in commerical settings. Of course, that didn't happen
until it had a large user base.

All I am saying is that the end all and be all of a
language is not wether you can get a job doing it in
my opinion.

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