Joakim G. jocke@REDACTED
Mon Feb 10 12:13:04 CET 2003

micke wrote:
>>===== Original Message From "Joakim G." <jocke@REDACTED> =====
>>Eric Merritt wrote:
>>>It doesn't look like to many people have voted on
>>>this. I for one would love to see some of these
>>>tutorials come into being. So if you havn't already. I
>>>encourage you to take a little time and vote on one.
>>>Better yet would be to write one :)
>>The problem may be that the majority of people on this list don't
>>need any tutorials. They are fluent enough in Erlang[/OTP] as it
>>is (at least they think so.)
>>Tutorials are more targeted on people not being members of this
> With no Erlang jobs (visibly?) available - how/why should this list grow?

or rather:

With a small(*) Erlang User base - how/why should the number of Erlang jobs


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