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Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Thu Feb 6 14:50:27 CET 2003

* Vlad Dumitrescu (EAW) <Vlad.Dumitrescu@REDACTED> [2003-02-06 13:06:26 +0100]:

> - Instant messaging & NoXML & pure Erlang communication: maybe it won't be a bad idea to have an interface towards the other IM systems, too - let's leave the door open for the world. Also, I don't think you mean to throw away the existing protocols (that work), just to make them use another encoding?

The fusion of the Jabber, Zope based on pure Erlang communication is a very
good idea. Thierry and I are thinking that wa can indeed do better that those tools.
Zope is a good product regarding end user functionnalities and scope but is
relying on a poor design technology compared to Erlang.

However, I did not grasp your transition between this first idea and the fact
that we need volunteer to parse true type font and could handle PDF
I do not see this as the most direct way to implement this kind of platform.
So why do you see this part as the most important things to begin with ?

> - send mail to things: isn't this basically the same idea as behind Jini or
> WebServices, for example? Just a matter of protocol and of scale :-)  I think
> it can be done and should be done, and Erlang is the best tool!

Regarding Jabber, I think it is not very different than an SMTP based messaging
system. Jabber is nothing more than a logical bus based on XML. I have thought
on several design for such a bus and at the end I think that it always come
very close to an SMTP server. The most simple way to build such a data oriented
bus is to build it arount an SMTP server.

However, some specific element of the Instant Messaging protocol such as the
"presence" indicater needs something different (Connexion to the server is

Mickaël Rémond

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