badarith in handle_event of debugger/src/dbg_ui_win.erl

Kent Boortz <>
Fri Nov 15 16:25:36 CET 2002

> by the output of io:format (which is my addition),
>   gs:read(Win, x) = {error,"can't read \"h\": no such variable"}
>   gs:read(Win, y) = {error,"can't read \"h\": no such variable"}
>   {LastX, LastY}  = {346, 6}
> I'm not familiar enough with GS to know why gs:read isn't returning
> what handle_event() seems to expect.  Does anyone else get this error?

Haven't seen this but I'm interested to know what version of the
wish program you run. GS will search for

   wish84 wish8.4 wish83 wish8.3 wish82 wish8.2 wish

in that order. If you start the same wish program GS will find using
your search path for executables, could you please send me the output
from the following interaction?

  Unix shell> wishXXX
  % puts $tcl_version
  % puts $tk_version
  % wm geometry .
  % regexp {(\d+)x(\d+)\+?(-?\d+)\+?(-?\d+)} [wm geometry . ] g w h x y
  % set tmp "$w $h $x $y"

The last two lines is what GS uses to find the geometry of the 
window and to answer the question "gs:read(Win, x)" above,


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