badarith in handle_event of debugger/src/dbg_ui_win.erl

Julian Fondren <>
Fri Nov 15 15:38:21 CET 2002

under Erlang/OTP R9B
(Erlang (BEAM) emulator version 5.2 [source] [hipe] [shared heap] 
I get the following error immediately upon interaction
with the window created by debugger:start()


where one clause of handle_event() in
debugger-2.1/src/dbg_ui_mon_win.erl is

handle_event({gs, _Id, motion, _Data, [X,Y]}, WinInfo) ->
    {LastX, LastY} = dbg_ui_win:motion(X, Y),
    Win = WinInfo#winInfo.window,
    io:format("~p: ~p: ~p\n",
              [gs:read(Win, x), gs:read(Win, y), {LastX, LastY}]),
    {coords, {gs:read(Win, x)+LastX-5, gs:read(Win, y)+LastY-5}};

by the output of io:format (which is my addition),

  gs:read(Win, x) = {error,"can't read \"h\": no such variable"}
  gs:read(Win, y) = {error,"can't read \"h\": no such variable"}
  {LastX, LastY}  = {346, 6}

I'm not familiar enough with GS to know why gs:read isn't returning
what handle_event() seems to expect.  Does anyone else get this error?

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