badarith in handle_event of debugger/src/dbg_ui_win.erl

Julian Fondren <>
Fri Nov 15 17:06:56 CET 2002

>From: Kent Boortz <>
>Haven't seen this but I'm interested to know what version of the
>wish program you run. GS will search for
>    wish84 wish8.4 wish83 wish8.3 wish82 wish8.2 wish
>in that order. If you start the same wish program GS will find using
>your search path for executables, could you please send me the output
>from the following interaction?
>   Unix shell> wishXXX
>   % puts $tcl_version
>   % puts $tk_version
>   % wm geometry .
>   % regexp {(\d+)x(\d+)\+?(-?\d+)\+?(-?\d+)} [wm geometry . ] g w h x y
>   % set tmp "$w $h $x $y"
can't read "w": no such variable

I'll upgrade to a version that's actually on your list and see if the
problem persists.  Thanks.

>The last two lines is what GS uses to find the geometry of the
>window and to answer the question "gs:read(Win, x)" above,

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