Fw: Developing SMS-based Services in erlang

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By mistake I've sent this to Matthias only... did not mean to -- but most of
the lists I am subscribed to do have "Reply to:" set to the list...
Oh, well.

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> > I took the liberty of trimming the CC list a little.
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 :-) Thanks (appologies -- hit the reply-all by accident. You cannot be too
 careful with Miceky-soft don't-look)

 > People generally start from the bottom layers because you can't run
 > the top layers until you have the lower ones running.

 With this logic one can conclude that you cannot do anything because you
 need hardware board first, but I hope we are not starting on a wrong foot
 here. Look, one can do MAP-User side first, by simply using someone elses
 MAP provider. Than you can do the MAP provider using other people TCAP,
 although, I tend to view MAP provider as a specialization of TCAP (i.e.
 MAP-Open maps directly to TC_BEGIN, etc), although they can be and are
 treated as two separate layers. There are SS7 board vendors out there (and
 know of at least one of them)  that enable this appraoch.

 >     Valentin> To this end, C++ is still much better choice.
 > People in this forum are likely to have some degree of resistance to
 > the last suggestion.

 Point taken. I was expressing my own oppinion. (Again, let's not start on a
 wrong foot). As much as I would feel more comfortable with C++ for this
 of development -- the language is not a problem, but understanding of the
 domain. SS7 is so broad that people can spend years in doing it, and still
 missunderstnad each other, i.e.  ISUP people do not understand MAP people,
 and STP people do not want to understand either of them.

 But that aside, this thread was started as Developing SMS-based Services in
ERLANG, and that does not have to include SS7 in any way, unless you want to
develop Gateway MSC and Inter-Working MSC components of SMSC. Maybe we
should start another thread, and put the focus on MAP, if there is enough


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