Request for GS bug reports

Kent Boortz <>
Sat Nov 2 18:43:46 CET 2002

In R9 we moved from an older version of Tcl/Tk to version 8.[34].  We
also moved away from using an non-standard stand-alone binary
containing Tcl/Tk to use a standard distribution of Tcl/Tk and use the
"wish" program as GS back-end.

I'm currently working with stability improvements, speed improvements
and bug fixes in GS. I run the tools written in GS to find problems
but it is a bit hard to test all user interactions possible on every
supported platform. So if you have discovered any bugs or problems
with GS or the tools that use GS, please let me know how to reproduce
it and I will try to correct this in R9B-2.

Below is a patch that corrects menu handling on Windows XP (and
possible other Windows versions), corrects the termination of the wish
program when GS or the Erlang node terminates and improves stability
in the communication between GS and the wish program.

The patch also disables an old optimizations that may be reimplemented
later, gstk_port_handler tried to handle more than one message in the
incoming queue to send larger chunks to the port or in a call to
gen_tcp:send(). So reports if GS is notably slower on your platform
after installing the patch are also welcome.

To install the patch do

  % cd otp_src_R9B-0/lib/gs
  % patch -p0 < gs.patch

If you have experience in Tcl/Tk programming and is curious what GS
does you can view the Tcl commands sent from Erlang to the wish
program by recompiling gstk_port_handler with the DEBUG flag set

  % export ERL_TOP=/some/path/otp_src_R9B-0
  % setenv PATH $ERL_TOP/bin:$ERL_TOP/bootstrap/bin:$PATH
  % cd $ERL_TOP/lib/gs/src
  % erlc -DDEBUG -W  -bbeam -o../ebin gstk_port_handler.erl


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