Erlang killer app?,

Hal Snyder <>
Wed Jul 24 20:25:19 CEST 2002

Francesco Cesarini <> writes:

> A strategy I have seen work very well when introducing Erlang in new
> environments is to put together a working prototype.. And often,
> this can be achieved in little time providing something which
> usually impresses. When others (including management and pointy
> haired bosses) see the results versus what others have achieved
> using hyped stuff (Or if nothing of it works, truckloads of
> documents :-), they have opted for Erlang.

What Francesco said.

It happened here. We did one pilot project in Erlang a couple years
ago. We were learning Erlang as we went. The pilot went so well that
there has been a succession of projects of larger and more ambitious
scope. It is a joy working with OTP.

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