Erlang killer app?,

isaac gouy <>
Tue Jul 23 04:30:05 CEST 2002

>benchmark yaws against Apache
The hardware vendors seem to use SPECweb99 and
SPECweb99_SSL for their bragging. In their tests they
use Zeus, IIS5, TUX, Red Hat Content Accelerator. 
( )

It doesn't seem that Apache 1.3 was popular because it
was fast but because it was fast enough. (Particularly
if you offloaded static html and gifs to mathopd.)
Better to benchmark against Zeus?

The Zeus website has some pdfs on benchmarking:

Some 2 year old IIS benchmarks are given down at the
bottom of this page:

>Java is ridiculously complicated
Sun seem to have complicated things so much that the
next step is... a code generator!

best wishes Isaac

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