Erlang killer app?,

Francesco Cesarini <>
Wed Jul 24 16:11:42 CEST 2002

A strategy I have seen work very well when introducing Erlang in new 
environments is to put together a working prototype.. And often, this 
can be achieved in little time providing something which usually 
impresses. When others (including management and pointy haired bosses) 
see the results versus what others have achieved using hyped stuff (Or 
if nothing of it works, truckloads of documents :-), they have opted for 

>> Now a slightly off topic question:  Has anyone had success at getting
>> Erlang (or any other isoteric-to-them language/environment) into an
>> environment like I'm describing? 
Teaching it to people who question why they should be learning something 
new? All the time... (As recently as three weeks ago..) But through 
experience, if people have enough of a computer science background, they 
very quickly realize the potential. Students who have maybe taken an 
occasional programming course in college and have maybe only come in 
contact with one or two languages and are the ones who are hard to 
convince, as they feel safe with what they know and fear new stuff..


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