Erlang killer app?,

Mickael Remond <>
Tue Jul 23 07:17:24 CEST 2002

Shawn Pearce <>:

> No, I don't think an implementation of XSLT is the issue.  I was simply
> stating that since it doesn't have one, I'd have to use another one
> externally. 

Do not forget that there is a Sablotron binding for Erlang. And that a mod_xsl
extension for Inets web server has been developped.

> And that's why I'm wondering how much better the Apache Servlet container
> might run when stuck behind a yaws like server rather than the real Apache
> HTTPd.  We build Java servlet applications at work, and our customers
> deploy
> in Apache Tomcat.  We've got a major telcom equipment vendor who is having
> lots of trouble with the front end Apache web server we're using when its
> under high load (about 100 concurrent connections, 26 views/sec).  Apache
> itself is falling apart, but the Tomcat's seem fine.

It is an interesting question: How much Erlang can help in making Java apps more
reliable ?
I have no answer for that, but I would really like to know. Please let us know
if you go further in this direction.

Mickaël Rémond

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