Erlang killer app?

isaac gouy <>
Fri Jul 19 20:22:40 CEST 2002

> Just creating erlang server pages wont do it. You
> would have to create and easy, efficient, system for
> web application construction. 

I'm trying to get some sense of what the Erlang
community wants to achieve next.

Building yet another CMS might be fun. I'm sure it can
be done in Erlang. But how much does it lever Erlangs
strengths, and what kind of organisations would use it
instead of their current CMS?

I could more easily understand using Erlang to build
highly reliable, secure, transacted, messaging
systems: like

Maybe I'm just being unimaginative. Being able to
develop Wings3D in Erlang is fabulous! 

I wonder what business areas outside of telcomm share
similar performance requirements - stock exchange, B2B
marketplace, others? Where are Erlangs/OTPs strengths
applicable outside of telcomm?

best wishes, Isaac

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