Erlang killer app?

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Fri Jul 19 05:23:33 CEST 2002


 Just creating erlang server pages wont do it. You
would have to create and easy, efficient, system for
web application construction. Zope is probably pretty
close but its not thier yet,
JSP/Servlets/Struts(coccoon?) is close as well, but
still has a ways to go. 

It would almost have to be a two level system.
Something that would do most of the work for quick
scripts (and poor programmers) and not hinder an
experienced programmer (in fact it should help
significantly) get the job done. 

In this case, I think erlang would beat the python and
java solutions in speed and flexability (depending on
who coded it and how it is coded). 

It would take quite allot of expertise in many areas
to do it right, (that probably exists here on the
list) but it wouldnt be a simple undertaking.

 In one way you are right, ESP (thats kind of a cool
acronym lol) alone would not do it, but a technology
that elegently fills a current need and makes
programmers more productive would have a very good
chance of doing it.

--- isaac gouy <igouy@REDACTED> wrote:
> Please excuse my ignorance of most things Erlang,
> and
> my outsiders perspective.
> >an Erlang application server efficient and easy 
> >to use might become an Erlang killer app
> I had the impression that there already was an
> "Erlang
> killer app" - building telcomm systems and apps?
> I also got a vague impression that within Ericsson
> there's ongoing debate about whether Erlang should
> be
> used on this project or that project...? 
> As an outsider, I'd like to know that Erlang is
> still
> used on new projects within the domain it was
> designed
> for. 
> "Eddie" seems to play to Erlangs strengths
> wonderfully. That was nearly 2 years ago. But at
> least
> it played to Erlangs strengths.
> Is string manipulation/web page templating something
> that really plays to Erlangs strengths? Or would it
> be
> more obvious to use Tcl/Perl/Python/... for that
> (with
> something like IDX-spyerl?). I don't know. 
> I *believe* there's value in improving how Erlang
> plays with other technologies, rather than trying to
> do everything in Erlang. Yes, Erlang Server Pages
> let
> the Erlang community create dynamic web pages, but
> they won't bring outsiders to Erlang. Smalltalk
> Server
> Pages never brought others to Smalltalk :-(
> best wishes, Isaac
> seems to build on the
> Erlang
> heritage.
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