Erlang killer app?

Eric Merritt cyberlync@REDACTED
Fri Jul 19 21:06:42 CEST 2002

You are right, the only problem is that the project
has to be fun for the programmers (this is a hobby
after all). Targeting vertical markets like this,
especially those that have limited access by joe
programmer, is probably not going to be allot of fun
to do. 

 Even the idea of a messeging system for corporate use
is not so simple as it may seem. We actaully wrote
some requirements for a similar system here awhile
ago. We never got the time to write it but the design
looked like it would work pretty well. In the
corporate senarios you would probably need standard
IM, virtual perminant and dynamic conference rooms,
auto loggin etc. Not to mention the need to support
admins, monitors who could pop into and monitor any
session, etc.  

I almost wouldn't be comfortable writing something
like that, though I do understand why corporations
feel they need it. 

I guess my point is that coming up with something that
would be of interest to corporations and
hackers/programmers would be very difficult.

Btw, the url provided does not seem to be available.

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