Yaws API discussion

Eric Merritt <>
Tue Jul 16 20:37:36 CEST 2002

> Because I think that there is a need in a
> application server that is simple to
> use and code with and performant and I feel that it
> can be achieved by an Erlang
> development. All solutions that I know of are
> complicated and clumsy.
> For the rest, I tend to think that Open Source is
> about improving the tool that
> fit best your need at a given moment of time.
> What worries me is energy dispersion. Here is the
> list of Erlang HTTP server
> that I know of:
> - Inets 2
> - Inets 3
> - Pico
> - Yaws
> - possibly your incoming HTTP Server, Chris

Man I didnt realize there were so many. Hmm.

> So the main question is why develop another one ?
> Really ? You can choose one of
> those servers as a basis of improvement. And writing
> another HTTP server, does
> not allow place for other cool improvement in the
> feature of those servers (like
> cool templating system, MVC approach modules, etc)

I would tend to agree with you here as well mickael. I
would actually like to use yaws and if the perfomance
is actually as good as perviously claimed its orders
of magnitude faster then most other web application
systems out there. The thing that has prevented me
from using it to date is the lack of a templating
engine, and perhaps an mvc framework. With those two
pieces in place it would be a nice server to code for.

> It would be cool to see an important Open Source
> Erlang project emerge as a
> collaborative work of many Erlang developpers, but
> this would probably not
> happen if we always rewrite everything when we need
> a piece of code (Even if
> this is easy in Erlang).

This is true. I have seen this happen with a few other
open source projects. I guess if everyone spends time
reinventing the wheel no one will get around to
inventing the car, if you know what I mean. 

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