Erlang mode in Emacs

Ingela Anderton <>
Fri Dec 20 12:41:39 CET 2002

On 18 Dec 2002, Luke Gorrie wrote:
> Just remembered a couple of font-lock bugs, and it looks like there
> have been fixes already. Grep'ing for "bad emacs" in our source tree
> gave 12 hits, and they all seem to be solved, which is really great.
> Looks like the fixes were that $" and $' are not seen as starting
> strings anymore, probably because $ and ^ were changed to "character
> quote" syntax class? I think this also solves a problem of matching (
> with $).
Well that has been fixed, but that was fixed before I took responsibility
for the emacs mode so this correction ought to be part of an official
release. It should be part of R8B according to or internal
information. It was a open source contribution. But until now there has
been a lack of somebody that has felt responsible for the erlang mode for
some while, so maybe this was not communicated. 

Ericsson AB - OTP Team

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