Erlang mode in Emacs

Luke Gorrie <>
Wed Dec 18 18:37:46 CET 2002

Ingela Anderton <> writes:

> Hello everyone!
> I have been doing some corrections to the erlang-mode. This updated
> version will not be officially released until the next Erlang/OTP
> release. But as it is so hard to test emacs-modes with automatic
> test-suits I have put it into the contribution area so that you may
> test it right away. This way I get it properly tested and you get the
> benefit of my fixes already today :)
> If you find an bugs old or new, please send me a mail.

Just remembered a couple of font-lock bugs, and it looks like there
have been fixes already. Grep'ing for "bad emacs" in our source tree
gave 12 hits, and they all seem to be solved, which is really great.

Looks like the fixes were that $" and $' are not seen as starting
strings anymore, probably because $ and ^ were changed to "character
quote" syntax class? I think this also solves a problem of matching (
with $).

There is however another problem coming from those syntax classes:


In both cases the closing " is escaped (in font-lock) so everything
that follows gets classed as a string, i.e. Emacs reads it the same as

I don't know how to fix it properly, but the workarounds aren't too



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