Mnesia question

Ulf Wiger <>
Mon Dec 9 10:52:51 CET 2002

I'm not absolutely sure, but I would guess that trex is
badly (though unofficially) deprecated. To my knowledge, it
is no longer used by those who wrote it in the first place.

(If this is true, it should probably be removed from the
contribs directory...? Could someone who feels closer to
trex verify?)

The OTP table visualizer does many of the things trex does.
Perhaps you should go with that first?


On Fri, 6 Dec 2002, Carlos Silva wrote:

>Hello I've just arrived to the "Erlang world" and I've been
>trying to introduce myself in Mnesia DBMS.
> I found a tool to give the user graphical access to the
>mnesia and ets tables, called "trex-2.6.tgz - Leif
>Lorentzen, ", under the "User Contributions" page.
>But I have some troubles in using it. The message that I
>receive from my erlang shell is the following.
>4> trex:start().
>*** Could not start trex_sh! Reason: {badrpc,{'EXIT',{undef,[{trex_sh,start,[]},
>I'm not ready to understand it yet and I will apreciate any
>help you could give me about this (the answer or to whom I
>could contact to answer my questions). May I copy the files
>in another directory? Run something else before trex? etc.
>Thank you very much, Carlos.-

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