ei_rpc vs. erl_rpc

Peter Strand <>
Fri Dec 6 18:14:05 CET 2002


I'm playing around a bit with erl_interface and have some
trouble with the ei_rpc function, it failes with -1 and
erl_errno == EIO when used as follows:

	ei_cnode ec;
	int fd, n;
	ei_x_buff x, x2;
	ei_connect_init(&ec, "test", "cookie", 2);
	fd = ei_connect(&ec, "");
	ei_x_new(&x); ei_x_new(&x2);
	ei_x_format(&x, "[]");
	ei_rpc(&ec, fd, "net_adm", "localhost", x.buff, x.index, &x2);

Am I doing anything wrong here?
If I strace the server it seems to close the connection right 
after rpc-request is received..

However, this works just fine:

	int fd;
	ETERM *args;
	erl_connect_init(1, "cookie", 2);
	fd = erl_connect("");
	args = erl_format("[]");
	erl_rpc(fd, "net_adm", "localhost", args);


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