Fwd: Erlang: orber problem

Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Mon Jul 23 10:49:02 CEST 2001

On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Kjetil Rossavik wrote:
> You were right about not having registered my types - didn't realise you 
> should, the tutorial example is not clear on that. My stupidity was worse 
> than that, I'm afraid, I had forgotten to compile my ic:gen() generates. I 
> am trying that out now, but compiling the generated code has been running 
> for 1 hour 25 now...
The compile-time depends on your IDL-files. Make sure you use separate
files for separate IDL module-definitions.
I do recommend that you upgrade to the latest Orber-version since the
IIOP-overhead have been reduced significantly and a new version is on its
way which improve the performance even more!

> Should I be running as lightweight?
If you start Orber as lightweight it can only act as client-side. To be
able to reduce possible error-reasons I had to ask that question. Usually
the best option is to start Orber as non-lightweight (even a must in
most cases).


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