Porting erlang to MacOS X ?

Jakob Cederlund på UAB jakob@REDACTED
Mon Jan 29 10:07:37 CET 2001

Hello fellow erlangers!

I have ported Erlang to MacOSX, quite easily, just hacking a bit in the 
configure scripts. I have no numbers on performance yet, but it seems 
reasonably fast. (My 266MHz G3 being on par with a 500MHz Pentium II 
windows machine.)

I am also experimenting with the graphical interface. As you know, MacOSX 
doesn't use X-windows, instead it has a interface called Aqua, which is a 
newer version of NextStep. I have two ways to use GUI on MacOSX: a 
erl_interface-based module which can be used with the Interface Builder to 
create a Mac GUI to an Erlang program; and an attempt to port gs, that 
still has lots of work to be usable (i.e. good enough to run the debugger).

Please let me know if anyone's interested, or willing to help.

I'm planning to make an open source-release of OTP on MacOSX, after I've 
tested it with the released MacOSX.


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