Porting erlang to MacOS X ?

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Mon Jan 29 12:07:22 CET 2001

On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, Jakob Cederlund på UAB wrote:

>Hello fellow erlangers!
>I have ported Erlang to MacOSX, quite easily, just hacking a bit in
>the configure scripts. I have no numbers on performance yet, but it
>seems reasonably fast. (My 266MHz G3 being on par with a 500MHz
>Pentium II windows machine.)

It's about time!

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac capable of running MacOSX (I have a
dead PowerBook 140 and a working PowerBook Duo, believe it or not.)

My Mac days are behind me (but who knows what the future might
bring.), but I will brag a little about having run Erlang on the Mac
back in 1992. It wasn't stable enough to be useable. Boy, if I had had
a stable Erlang/OTP environment back then.......

>I am also experimenting with the graphical interface. As you know,
>MacOSX doesn't use X-windows, instead it has a interface called
>Aqua, which is a newer version of NextStep. I have two ways to use
>GUI on MacOSX: a erl_interface-based module which can be used with
>the Interface Builder to create a Mac GUI to an Erlang program; and
>an attempt to port gs, that still has lots of work to be usable
>(i.e. good enough to run the debugger).

It sounds to me like doing a nice, clean coupling to the Interface
Builder is the way to go for new apps.

>Please let me know if anyone's interested, or willing to help.

I can give you an enthusiastic cheer once in a while.  (:

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