Porting erlang to MacOS X ?

Taavi Talvik taavi@REDACTED
Fri Jan 26 20:57:46 CET 2001

On 26 Jan 2001, Daniel Neri wrote:

> Hakan Stenholm <etxhste@REDACTED> writes:
> > Not quite unexpectedly the regular compile procedure didn't work, as
> > I have to admit that I am sorely lacking in shell script expirence
> > I can't realy figure out what the make files do.
> If you show us the error messages and maybe the config.log file, I'm
> sure someone could help you out. (You're using GNU make, right?)
> >  Expirience from the FreeBSD port might be usefull.
> Actually, R7B-1 should compile out-of-the-box on FreeBSD (I know
> first-hand that it does on OpenBSD and NetBSD).

Yes, R7B-1 compiles out-of-the-box on FreeBSD. Only
issue is, that you sould have jdk-1.2 installed and default
java environment.

At first install

best regards,

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