Porting erlang to MacOS X ?

Daniel Neri dne@REDACTED
Fri Jan 26 20:52:16 CET 2001

Hakan Stenholm <etxhste@REDACTED> writes:

> Not quite unexpectedly the regular compile procedure didn't work, as
> I have to admit that I am sorely lacking in shell script expirence
> I can't realy figure out what the make files do.

If you show us the error messages and maybe the config.log file, I'm
sure someone could help you out. (You're using GNU make, right?)

>  Expirience from the FreeBSD port might be usefull.

Actually, R7B-1 should compile out-of-the-box on FreeBSD (I know
first-hand that it does on OpenBSD and NetBSD).

It could well be that teaching erts/autoconf/config.{guess,sub} about
MacOS X/Darwin is enough to make things work. Try replacing them with
something a bit more recent:


Best wishes,

Daniel Neri

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