Porting erlang to MacOS X ?

Hakan Stenholm etxhste@REDACTED
Fri Jan 26 20:20:50 CET 2001

I'm quite interested if anyone knows anything about this, I can't realy
see any seriouse problems that could make this imposible.

* Erlang works fine when compiled in PPC linux versions (LinuxPPC and
SuSE) on both G3 and G4 macs so hardwarevise this should be ok.
* MacOS X (~ BSD with MacOS GUI) seams to include all the unix stuff
erlang needs (like PERL 5, Java 1.2, gcc ...)

Not quite unexpectedly the regular compile procedure didn't work, as
I have to admit that I am sorely lacking in shell script expirence
I can't realy figure out what the make files do.

I'm currently interested to know if anyone has a clue as to how much
work would be needed to get it working (at least VM and basic modules
like lists, ets ...), sadly I'm not sure if I have the expirience or the
time (I'm allready hacking on a strategy game in erlang using linux as
dev. platform) to actualy do this.
Expirience from the FreeBSD port might be usefull.

ps: the guy (preilly@REDACTED)  who was noted as working on a
MacOS version on the erlang.org site, who I mailed to a year ago asking
about progress and MacOS version of the port, hasn't answeard the mail I
sent a couple of days ago.
When I inquired (to kent@REDACTED : "For comments or questions
about this site") about his mail adress a couple of months ago I got the
respons that they hadn't heard anything about the port progress either -
so I have no high hopes that any port is going to appear in the
forseable future.

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