Erlang Open Internet Platform

Chris Pressey cpressey@REDACTED
Fri Feb 16 01:46:19 CET 2001

Sean Hinde wrote:
> All,
> I have seen many comments in articles and even on the mailing list which
> take the position that Erlang/OTP is only of interest if you need to write
> telephone switch software. I wonder if takeup would be wider if the product
> were re-invented and renamed as an internet development platform?

OTP = Open Telecom Platform.  Telecom = Telecommunications =
communicating over a remote distance.  In what way is the Internet not a
form of telecommunications...?  ;-)

Also, there is so much hype around "internet solutions" these days; I
was attracted to Erlang partly because it seems to be able to avoid that
stigma by being more general than just that.

I feel that Erlang should demonstrate to the world its strengths in an
internet setting, by showing off applications such as the Wikie.  If it
can "walk the walk", it doesn't really matter how it's marketed.


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