Erlang Open Internet Platform

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Fri Feb 16 13:59:17 CET 2001

Chris Wrote>

> OTP = Open Telecom Platform.  Telecom = Telecommunications =
> communicating over a remote distance.  In what way is the 
> Internet not a
> form of telecommunications...?  ;-)

Yes, but it seems that just about every Fred public wants to do "internet
programming" whereas "Telecoms programming" is something else entirely.

I certainly agree with comments that it is hard work to divine the power of
OTP from the standard docs. Worth it but hard work indeed. I'd say they are
clearly written though - maybe the difficulty simply comes from the large
amount of 'internal reprogramming' needed to flip into that way of
thinking.. Presentation as "Design Patterns" as in Ulf Ekström's thesis may
make things clearer.

> Also, there is so much hype around "internet solutions" these days; I
> was attracted to Erlang partly because it seems to be able to 
> avoid that
> stigma by being more general than just that.

That is very nice to hear. I hope this reflects a more general outlook..

> I feel that Erlang should demonstrate to the world its strengths in an
> internet setting, by showing off applications such as the 
> Wikie.  If it
> can "walk the walk", it doesn't really matter how it's marketed.

I tried to find some of the links and articles I have come across in the
past which portrayed Erlang as some weird specialist telecoms systems
development language but I only managed to find some pretty nice ones. How
the internet changes when you glance away!

Ulf has certainly been busy :) :,4152,212072,00.html

- Sean

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