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Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Thu Feb 15 22:45:25 CET 2001

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Vance Shipley wrote:
> My impression from the list has been that most people are in fact using
> Erlang for the language as opposed to the OTP environment.  People are
> interested in the power of the language.  Many people are interested in
> Mnesia it seems but not much is said about OTP.  I had the thought a
> while back that we might want to have separate mailing lists for Erlang
> and OTP.

In fact, OTP is a very difficult part of the Erlang langage compared to the
core langage model. You need a certain experience in Erlang development before
realizing that you can do really neat thing when you master the OTP stuff.

My opinion is that mixing the two aspects together can help people digging
into the OTP part.
A lot of "advertised" feature of the langage are only fully accesible when you
master behaviour.

I had the chance to convince my company to invite an Erlang consultant
(Francesco Cesarini) to teach us OTP and I must say that the result is pretty
impressive. The quality of your code greatly improve when you start
architecturing your process in a supervision tree for example.

>> I wonder if takeup would be wider if the product were re-invented and
>> renamed as an internet development platform?
> The first thing that springs to mind is the past criticism of string
> handling in Erlang.  That seemed to be a concern to those evaluating
> Erlang/OTP as a platform for web servers.

In fact, not only for developping Web server, but all kind of internet
It seems that XML is going to leak every as a formal syntax to express various
grammar. The spread of XML is a factor that make be believe that we need to
create a specific string type (XML is a tree data structure, but most often
represented as a string, that you need to manipulate).

This was what my previous message was about in fact, and maybe we could help
on this specific topic.


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