compiler available for x86 ?.

Luc Taesch <>
Sun Oct 8 22:51:45 CEST 2000

Sean Hinde wrote:

> I guess you are talking about Linux, in which case the normal R7B etc
> release works fine. It doesn't do native code compilation but beam compiled
> code is fast enough for most things.
> Maybe I missed the point of your question?

sorry for being so imprecise.

yes, im interesting in distributing a binary only.
for convenience.

1) i wanna deploy 30 times the same application, on client servers, and i dont
wanna bother intalling erlang,  or
2) i have access to a server i cant impose to have erlang installed (say
3) or i wanna build utilitaries, and i dont wanna be  troubled with release
conflicts as time goes by.
4) a demo softwarein a rpm, and i dont want bothering people downloading 8 mo
of environement, or they cant be root ( to install erlang)

these are different points where i may be interested to build a self contained
binary. so i was looking at how to do that.

and which constraints it may brings, like language restrictions.

(and yes, R7b is quick enough for me!)

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> > i once asked which of compiler is available for x86.
> > hipe is for sparc, and etos link is still un-available.
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