compiler available for x86 ?.

Sean Hinde <>
Tue Oct 10 17:18:00 CEST 2000

There is always Stand Alone Erlang which has had experimental support for
some time. I've never played with it but there is something in
Maybe the OTP team are planning to turn this into supported code sometime

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Sean Hinde wrote: 

I guess you are talking about Linux, in which case the normal R7B etc 
release works fine. It doesn't do native code compilation but beam compiled 
code is fast enough for most things. 

Maybe I missed the point of your question? 

sorry for being so imprecise. 

yes, im interesting in distributing a binary only. 
for convenience. 

1) i wanna deploy 30 times the same application, on client servers, and i
dont wanna bother intalling erlang,  or 
2) i have access to a server i cant impose to have erlang installed (say
3) or i wanna build utilitaries, and i dont wanna be  troubled with release
conflicts as time goes by. 
4) a demo softwarein a rpm, and i dont want bothering people downloading 8
mo of environement, or they cant be root ( to install erlang) 

these are different points where i may be interested to build a self
contained binary. so i was looking at how to do that. 

and which constraints it may brings, like language restrictions. 

(and yes, R7b is quick enough for me!) 


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> Subject: compiler available for x86 ?. 
> i once asked which of compiler is available for x86. 
> hipe is for sparc, and etos link is still un-available. 


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