preview copy of a new Erlang FAQ

Matthias.Lang@REDACTED Matthias.Lang@REDACTED
Sun Feb 20 10:16:33 CET 2000


After the last open-source release, I resolved to go through the 
Erlang FAQ and update it. Somewhere along the way I added a
few questions which seemed to pop up every so often on this mailing
list and now it's grown:

I intend to put this up on the site, but before I organise
that, I'd appreciate if people here took a look through it. In 

   * Those of you who were quoted (Per on Question 11.8, Mike on 
     question 5.10 and Joe on 11.7) might want to check I'm not
     putting words in your mouth

   * There are a few calls for information spread around

   * I'm interested in suggestions for questions to be removed,
     added, reworded or corrected. 



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