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Wed Dec 6 12:02:40 CET 2000

Well, on popular demand as there apparently is a need.. :-) If you want
to work with the real thing... The AXD301 switch, but find Sweden to be
too cold, Ericsson Intracom in Leicester, UK (one hour north of London)
might be an option. They are looking for happy motivated software
engineers with Erlang/OTP experience... This is the job ad they have out
at the moment. If interested, send your CVs to Andy Davies @


Engineering group of approximately 45 engineers, working on data
communications products for network infrastructure. Software engineering
group comprises of approximately 15 people.

Core technologies are Frame Relay and ATM. Other WAN and LAN
technologies are developed including Ethernet, TCP/IP, X.25, SNA, and
ISDN. Development environment in `C' or Erlang under UNIX on Sun Sparc
stations. Target environments include Erlang /OTP on Sparcs, or PowerPC,
Motorola 68020/030/302 and Intel i960 embedded processors. Tools
environment includes Objectime for design, ClearCase for configuration
management and Framemaker for documentation.

The complete software development life cycle including, specification,
analysis, design, code and test. Real-time target applications, data
protocols through to Web based user interface.

Must be able to work with little supervision, show ingenuity and learn
quickly. Must be interested in trying new languages and should be
interested in up to date technology. Must have good inter-personal
skills for interfacing with peer group and ideally should have team
leader potential.

A good science/engineering degree or equivalent, preferably a 1st or 2i.
Approximately 5 + years experience of software development, to include
`C' experience and UNIX usage. Knowledge of data communications
protocols would be an advantage.

Salary dependent on relevant experience. Flexi-time. Performance related
bonus scheme. Pension. Other standard Ericsson Terms and Conditions.

Ulf Wiger wrote:
> I recently sat down and started searching the web for wanted ads
> mentioning Erlang. It was disheartening.
> Knowing that there is actually a demand for Erlang competence,
> I think something needs to be done to make this more visible.
> Personally, I'd like to see an "Erlang Programmers Wanted" page on
>, where current links to open positions for
> Erlangers were collected.
> If, say, a student who encounters Erlang at school wants to know what
> the job market is for an Erlang expert, he/she might hit a search
> engine like I did - with the current state of affairs, he/she would
> hardly be encourage to continue.
> Having said this, I know that Erlang is doing well in schools that are
> teaching it. I recently heard that at KTH Haninge, an engineering
> school in Stockholm, the Erlang class had exactly as many applicants
> as the Advanced Java class. By cooperating, we can make this more
> visible.
> Comments are welcome.
> This is what I did:
> 1 Knowing that we are looking for Erlang programmers, I started
>   searching for our ad. This was surprisingly difficult (I had to
>   ask someone). Later, I learned that the Ericsson jobs page
>   is being reorganized, and that it should appear in mid-December.
>   (
> 2 I went to, and followed the links to the
>   companies that have certified consultants. Of the six companies
>   listed, only Sjöland & Thyselius and Cesarini Consulting actually
>   mention Erlang on their web pages; of these two, only Sjöland &
>   Thyselius is looking for Erlang programmers (Cesarini Consulting
>   is, as far as I know, a one-man company)
> 3 Searched the web via and found the
>   following additional info:
>   - SICS ( is looking for people, and is working
>     with Erlang. It wasn't entirely obvious that the positions
>     listed actually involved work with Erlang, but there appeared to
>     be a chance that it might be so.
>   - WiseOne ( is looking for Erlang programmers
>   - Ericsson in Gothenburg is looking for Erlang programmers
>     (
>     (
>   - Telia Promotor ( is looking for
>     Erlang programmers.
>   - Erlang Technology, Inc ( is NOT looking
>     for Erlang programmers... ironically.
> 4 Guessing that the company formerly known as Bluetail might be
>   hiring, I looked at their page - indeed they are, but since it's
>   a PHP page, it doesn't score well on search engines.
> /Uffe
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