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Tue Dec 5 06:49:44 CET 2000

Add to that list.

I think we're always looking, the weather's nice at the moment.

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Ulf Wiger wrote:
> I recently sat down and started searching the web for wanted ads
> mentioning Erlang. It was disheartening.
> Knowing that there is actually a demand for Erlang competence,
> I think something needs to be done to make this more visible.
> Personally, I'd like to see an "Erlang Programmers Wanted" page on
>, where current links to open positions for
> Erlangers were collected.
> If, say, a student who encounters Erlang at school wants to know what
> the job market is for an Erlang expert, he/she might hit a search
> engine like I did - with the current state of affairs, he/she would
> hardly be encourage to continue.
> Having said this, I know that Erlang is doing well in schools that are
> teaching it. I recently heard that at KTH Haninge, an engineering
> school in Stockholm, the Erlang class had exactly as many applicants
> as the Advanced Java class. By cooperating, we can make this more
> visible.
> Comments are welcome.
> This is what I did:
> 1 Knowing that we are looking for Erlang programmers, I started
>   searching for our ad. This was surprisingly difficult (I had to
>   ask someone). Later, I learned that the Ericsson jobs page
>   is being reorganized, and that it should appear in mid-December.
>   (
> 2 I went to, and followed the links to the
>   companies that have certified consultants. Of the six companies
>   listed, only Sjöland & Thyselius and Cesarini Consulting actually
>   mention Erlang on their web pages; of these two, only Sjöland &
>   Thyselius is looking for Erlang programmers (Cesarini Consulting
>   is, as far as I know, a one-man company)
> 3 Searched the web via and found the
>   following additional info:
>   - SICS ( is looking for people, and is working
>     with Erlang. It wasn't entirely obvious that the positions
>     listed actually involved work with Erlang, but there appeared to
>     be a chance that it might be so.
>   - WiseOne ( is looking for Erlang programmers
>   - Ericsson in Gothenburg is looking for Erlang programmers
>     (
>     (
>   - Telia Promotor ( is looking for
>     Erlang programmers.
>   - Erlang Technology, Inc ( is NOT looking
>     for Erlang programmers... ironically.
> 4 Guessing that the company formerly known as Bluetail might be
>   hiring, I looked at their page - indeed they are, but since it's
>   a PHP page, it doesn't score well on search engines.
> /Uffe
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