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mickael> Subject: Database questions
mickael> I have two questions concerning Erlang and databases :
mickael> - About Mnesia :
mickael> Is there a way to use several attributes as one key in a Mnesia table ?

No, but the key kan be an arbritary complex Erlang term.
You can for example let a record or tuple to constitute a structured key.

mickael> - About SqlErlang :
mickael> SqlErlang has been written to interface Erlang with Oracle. Does someone
mickael> tried to modify this library to modify it to run with other RDBMS ?
mickael> And I will finish with a general questions about Erlang and databases :
mickael> What are the plans with Erlang and databases ? Will it smoothly include the
mickael> RDBMS library ? Will Erlang integrate interfaces to other RDBMS ?

In the new OTP R5 release there is an Erlang binding to ODBC. With
this you will be able to interface a wide range of relational DBMS's.

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