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Fri Mar 26 17:31:40 CET 1999

Hakan Mattsson wrote:
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> mickael> I have two questions concerning Erlang and databases :
> mickael>
> mickael> - About Mnesia :
> mickael> Is there a way to use several attributes as one key in a Mnesia table ?
> No, but the key kan be an arbritary complex Erlang term.
> You can for example let a record or tuple to constitute a structured key.
> mickael> - About SqlErlang :
> mickael> SqlErlang has been written to interface Erlang with Oracle. Does someone
> mickael> tried to modify this library to modify it to run with other RDBMS ?
> mickael>
> mickael> And I will finish with a general questions about Erlang and databases :
> mickael> What are the plans with Erlang and databases ? Will it smoothly include the
> mickael> RDBMS library ? Will Erlang integrate interfaces to other RDBMS ?
> In the new OTP R5 release there is an Erlang binding to ODBC. With
> this you will be able to interface a wide range of relational DBMS's.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that the ODBC library for OTP R5 will
be released on Solaris and Windows at this moment, not saying it won't
be released on other platforms aswell.

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