Open Source Erlang

Claes Wikstrom klacke@REDACTED
Tue Jun 29 00:01:37 CEST 1999

> Mitt projekt vill gå över till Open Source varianten av Erlang/OTP på
> grund av ekonomiska skäl.  Jag har försökt leta på för
> att bli klok på om vi är beroende av någon del som inte ingår i Open
> Source. Dock blir jag inte riktigt klok på detta. T.ex finns
> dokumentation för JIVE och IG med på open source sidorna som, Magnus
> Karlsson påstår i ett mail till min projektledare inte finns med i
> Open Source. Finns det någon lista på vad som inte ingår i Open
> Source? Eller hur kan jag få reda på vad som skiljer?

Wrong language, but the question was what's the difference between
OSE and the stuff that's run by the Ericsson projects in OTP.
As I was one of the people that worked real hard this spring with 
the assembly of OSE I can say what we left out and as far as I
can recall the only thing we dropped was the ssl (seecure socket
layer) libs which was a horrible hack anyway. The reason for this was
that some of the bosses thought that maybe there were some
legal implications involved there and we thought that the ssl
libs were a very suitable bone to throw at the suits, see we're not
releasing everything, we keep some of the stuff :-)

As for Jive which
is another horrible hack, there can't be much problems in using
jive as is, since the code is small and easy to understand.
Both jive and IG are released in the OSE release, now whether 
they are going to be supported or not is a whole different
ballgame, as for IG I know that Magnus K and Co: have been planning 
to get rid of IG for quite some time now, however we need suitable
replacement released first, 

So, pick up the tar ball and just see what you find there.


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