SV: Commerical product in telecommunication world.

Familjen Walerud bengt.walerud@REDACTED
Sat Jan 9 08:41:45 CET 1999

Yes, Ericsson has developed a number of products with Erlang/OTP. At the 
March 1998 CeBit, there were 9 products developed with Erlang/OTP on 
display. These products include the AXD301 ATM switch,  an enterprise 
mobility server, the package switched IP over GSM product (GPRS), etc.

As you can imagine, if Ericsson can develop an 10-160 Gigabit scalable ATM 
switch with Erlang, it's performance is pretty good for those applications 
it was designed for ( concurrent, distributed).

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Från:	Freddie Kruegger [SMTP:kruegger@REDACTED]
Skickat:	 den 3 januari 1997 08:03
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Ämne:	Commerical product in telecommunication world.

Is there any commercial telecommunication related product which was
developed by Erlang(e.g. switch,SCP,IP,SDP...)?

How about the performance of Erlang?

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