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Mon Jan 11 09:35:25 CET 1999

Freddie Kruegger wrote:

> Is there any benchmark test result of Erlang?

The question of benchmarks comes up every once in a while, and we'd like
nothing better than to have some undisputable benchmarks. Alas, they are
hard to come by. The main reason is that in order to be representative,
they must be so complex that noone can afford to design them.

I'll clarify that. We have found that Erlang works very well for highly
complex systems - systems where each designer understands only a small
portion. Erlang makes the complexity much more manageable, which gives
several advantages:

- your chances of succeeding at all with the project increase
- you gain a better understanding of the system sooner
- you have experiment with different solutions
- you can spot and fix quality/performance problems easier
- programmers feel more empowered -> more enthusiastic

All this equates somehow (although it's difficult to capture in a
benchmark) to better quality, better project control, and better

For what it's worth, it's easy to design benchmarks that show how Erlang
runs circles around JDK when it comes to concurrency. That has been done
at CSlab.

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