Commerical product in telecommunication world.

Michael C Williams mike@REDACTED
Sat Jan 9 10:08:47 CET 1999

On Fri, 3 Jan 1997, Freddie Kruegger wrote:

> Is there any commercial telecommunication related product which was
> developed by Erlang(e.g. switch,SCP,IP,SDP...)?

Indeed there are several. These include Ericsson's ATM switch
(about 700 000 lines of source code) and a special purpose PABX
(5000 000 lines of code). But don't get the idea that Erlang is
useful only for telecom products, Erlang has been used for a wide
variety of applications. On avaerage the total time required to
build products is about a quarter or the time used when a more
conventional approach is used. this is both because of Erlang and
because of the incremental design approach it allows 

> How about the performance of Erlang?

Good enough for our extremely time critical telecoms


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