IG withdrawen ?

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Thu Dec 2 13:28:13 CET 1999

> Yes, IG has been phased out. It has been replaced by IC which
> was introduced in OTP R4B (released last year). IC is an IDL
> compiler which compared to IG:

I haven't looked into IC in the new release, but in the
old release it wasn't trivial to do the same thing with IC
as you could (can) do with IG. As I remember it, with IC you 
had to generate a number of backends and write the main loop
program yourself. Furthermore, IC used an if-else construction
doing strcmp() to decide which function to call, where IG use(d)
an index into a table of function pointers to do the dispatching.

A question: since IG has been removed; do there exist a way
to automatically or manually (e.g with a nice instruction)
move from an existing IG interface to IC ?

If not, then I would be happy to continue an (unofficial) 
support of IG. Just put it somewhere where I can get it.

Cheers /Tobbe
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