IG withdrawen ?

Gunilla Hugosson gunilla@REDACTED
Fri Dec 3 08:26:05 CET 1999

Torbjorn Tornkvist wrote:
> > Yes, IG has been phased out. It has been replaced by IC which
> > was introduced in OTP R4B (released last year). IC is an IDL
> > compiler which compared to IG:
> I haven't looked into IC in the new release, but in the
> old release it wasn't trivial to do the same thing with IC
> as you could (can) do with IG. As I remember it, with IC you
> had to generate a number of backends and write the main loop
> program yourself. Furthermore, IC used an if-else construction
> doing strcmp() to decide which function to call, where IG use(d)
> an index into a table of function pointers to do the dispatching.

Yes, that's right. The reason for replacing IG with IC, instead of
just adding IC and keeping IG, is mainly that we don't have enough
resources to maintain them both.

> A question: since IG has been removed; do there exist a way
> to automatically or manually (e.g with a nice instruction)
> move from an existing IG interface to IC ?


> If not, then I would be happy to continue an (unofficial)
> support of IG. Just put it somewhere where I can get it.

That would be great, Tobbe! I'll see to that it is put
somewhere on the Open Source site.

/ Gunilla

> Cheers /Tobbe
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