IG withdrawen ?

Gunilla Hugosson gunilla@REDACTED
Thu Dec 2 11:56:44 CET 1999

Yes, IG has been phased out. It has been replaced by IC which
was introduced in OTP R4B (released last year). IC is an IDL
compiler which compared to IG:
* uses a standardized way of describing the interface. (IDL)
* is able to generate not only Erlang-C interfaces, but also
  Erlang-Java and Erlang-Corba (and Erlang-Erlang) interfaces.

/ Gunilla

"Costel Vrinceanu [4692]" wrote:
> Was IG phased out?
> It seemed a convenient way to maintain a single source of data type
> definitions for both E and C worlds.
> Was there a reason to take it out?
> Thanks
> costel

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