BSDI compilation

knotwell@REDACTED knotwell@REDACTED
Fri Apr 30 23:33:06 CEST 1999

knotwell@REDACTED writes:
 >   3)  lastly (and most interesting), my source code didn't work the
 > same between a redhat linux system and a BSDI system.  The BSDI system 
 > complained about a nxdomain error.  I'm kind of surprised at this as
 > it appears to have something to do with a the system being unable to
 > do a host name lookup.  The BSDI and Linux box both queried the same
 > name on the same name server. . .pretty curious.

Resolver notes:

  The program seems to work if I use dot addresses.  I guess this points 
  even more highly towards a problem with the resolver.  

Beam compilation:

  I previously received a "couldn't reallocate" error, with a
  suggestion from Mr. Tornkvist, I increased some of the system 
  limits for BSDI.  

  First, I recompiled the kernel with the DFLDSIZE and MAXDSIZ
  increased to 128M and DFLSSIZ set to 8M.  I then set the datasize,
  stacksize, memoryuse, and memorylocked system limits as large as
  possible.  Jam was then able to compile everything correctly.

Performance improvement:

  Using the beam compiler, my application's (a braindead traffic
  generator), connection rates went from 120-130 connections/s to
  160-180 connections/s.  All in all, beam gave me nifty 50% performance


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