Future of open source Erlang & When is next release?

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Fri Apr 30 14:10:54 CEST 1999


Since a lot of people are wondering, I thought I would summarize some
of the current plans for open source Erlang. As it stands right now,
the open source version is lagging behind the production version of
Erlang. This is not very good for anyone in the long run, so our plan
is to merge them into one common base. Hopefully this will happen with
the next official production release (in November 1999).

Until then there will not be that much effort put into developing /
maintaining the current open source release, mostly due to lack of
people having time to work on it. I will try to include all fixes sent
to us and, when necessary, make new releases.

I am planning to put together a new release in about two weeks (sorry
about this, Eddie gang, I realize you would like it sooner.) Since
there won't be many people here that have time to work on this, I
don't think there will be any binary versions of the new release (also
don't hold your breath waiting for a windows version). Included in
that release will be: the latest version of mnesia/mnemosyne and a new
version of etk. Some bug fixes (out of the top of my head, fixed
terminal weirdness, interface list in inet:get_if, and a couple of
other things...) All of you that have sent us reports on compiling on
other OS's, please mail me the modifications you made (if any) if you
want them to be included in the next release.

Thanks to all of you Erlang users!

-- Sebastian

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