BSDI compilation

knotwell@REDACTED knotwell@REDACTED
Thu Apr 29 23:36:10 CEST 1999

Hello all--

I was able to compile Erlang 47.4.1 under BSDI3.0 (jam only).  Beam
wouldn't compile because erlc was complaining about running out of
memory.  I'm guessing that having more than 64MB of memory available
would've helped.

First some observations:

  1)  It appears that an install program compatible with GNU's install
is required.  The default install on BSDI blew up on the -d option.  

Resolution:  use fileutils package found at

  2)  the configure script checks for pthreads as a separate library.
Under BSDI3.0/3.1, the pthreads functions are found in libc instead of 

Resolution:  not really a problem I suppose.  I suppose it would
degrade performance some.  

Question:  does anyone have a SWAG about how much performance is lost
when multiplexing in a single-thread/process???

  3)  lastly (and most interesting), my source code didn't work the
same between a redhat linux system and a BSDI system.  The BSDI system 
complained about a nxdomain error.  I'm kind of surprised at this as
it appears to have something to do with a the system being unable to
do a host name lookup.  The BSDI and Linux box both queried the same
name on the same name server. . .pretty curious.

Question:  anyone have any quick ideas on this one?  I could certainly 
fire up the debugger, but I thought I'd ask for any quick suggestions
(since I'm not certain how easy it will be to compile up the graphics
stuff under BSDI :-( ).




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